Flag of Emam Hussain in the North Pole

Reported by Elan News, revolutionary clergy Dr. Zaeri at the sixth night in Ashourayian said: "Emam Hussain universal invitation is the introduction of universal invitation of Emam Mahdi. Right now, from Jakarta in Indonesia to Vancouver in Canada Emam Hussain mourning is held."

The universe is like porce of gravity

at 7 th night of Dancing sword program Dr. Zaeri reminded, "the universe is a place to affect and get affected like wares of electricity or radio wave that can't be seen but they exist. We can't see or understand the effects of our behavior but by doing any individual act we attract special and unique Consequence."

Spend for your faith

In the fourth night of dance of sword program coincides with the 17 October, Hojjatolislam  Shahab Moradi said about Strive with money :

Afraid become minority, reach to Shia generation and if you want to stay Shia spend for it, make religious school, and see where Shia doesn’t have foothold.

 If you do not pay for culture, others spend for immorality.

Tune your hearts for jihad

In the third night of Ashouraeian grand gathering at Oct 16th which coincides with Friday, Hojataleslam Shahab Moradi delivered a speech in Imam Hossein (as) recitation: the jihad of heart is conceding Imam Ali's (as) righteousness; the holy prophet testifies that Imam Ali (as) is either righteous and the axis of righteousness; Imam Hossein (as) is righteous as well.

Clarify Your Duty

The first recitation by Hojat-al-Islam Shahab Moradi was held at the Ashouraiyan Cultural Event for Imam Hussein on the 14th of October. In his speech, he talked about Imam Hussein’s tent, that is was a war tent and not a recreational/tourist one. There enemy’s armies are all around us. Our tent is the tent of Ashouraiyan. Which side of the tent are you on? Clarify your position. Clarify your duty.



About us


In the year 1376 Ashouraiyan Cultural Complex started out with only twelve Esfahani students. They consulted cultural specialist and experts to answer some of the main ideological and cultural needs of youth. Since such an organization didn't exist, they grew from being only twelve students, and now Ashouraiyan is an effective NGO formation with Shia identity in front lines of cultural Islamic Revolution that prepare activities that promote ideological and cultural beliefs of youngsters and progress of society.