Clarify Your Duty

Hojat-al-Islam Shahab Moradi:

Clarify Your Duty

The first recitation by Hojat-al-Islam Shahab Moradi was held at the Ashouraiyan Cultural Event for Imam Hussein on the 14th of October. In his speech, he talked about Imam Hussein’s tent, that is was a war tent and not a recreational/tourist one. There enemy’s armies are all around us. Our tent is the tent of Ashouraiyan. Which side of the tent are you on? Clarify your position. Clarify your duty.

We put religion in your hands, what did you do with it?

Hojat-al-Islam Shahab Moradi began his speech, hinting at the Martyr’s Graveyard in Isfahan and said: “Know that this place is one of the most sacred on earth, throughout the galaxy. Those who are careless need to remember that on the Day of Judgement, they will be required to answer to these very martyrs. We placed the revolution in your hands, what did you do with it? We put religion in your hands, what did you do with it? Some of these martyrs left a will behind which composed only two lines. One of them states that we are in debt to Imam Khomeini for the revolution he led.”

The speaker in the tent of Ashouraiyan added that: “It is polite to discuss Moslem Ibn Aqil, the first martyr in the Revolution of Imam Hussein, during the first night of Muharram. Those who this is their first year attending this event, not to go on with their everyday usual activities. Instead, you should go to Golzare Shohada, as was Hazrat Zahra’s custom. She would walk to the graveyard of the martyrs resulting from the battle of Uhud (in Baghi).”


Let them give you their consent

 Moradi goes on to declare: “You should take part in the programs during first night of Muharram by all means necessary, to shed tears. My brothers and sisters, Hazrat Zahra is waiting for us, watching over us. She wants to know who are those who will hold the gatherings for her beloved Hussain? She says to leave your homes and businesses, leave everything and attend these commemorations. Allow the progeny of Hussain to give you their consent.

Every year Muharram is a new experience for the believers

 Wear black. Weep for the events that took place at Karbala. The family of the prophet will not disregard what you are doing, they will not disregard your efforts. Every year you need to go deeper into the abyss, try to visualize and see more clearly what took place and the meaning of what happened. Read the Ziarat of Ashura and Waris, and take lessons from each. There is a certain harmony between the reading of Quran, poetry, listening to the speeches that are given. Each completes the other, and without all you will get the full experience out of this holy month. Every year should be a revolution in and of itself, we must change the world around us for the better, let actions speak louder than words.




We don’t want viewers

                Make clear your purpose upon coming to our events; we don’t want viewers; we want people who they themselves are seeking something: a greater experience. It is important to know which side you are on! Or do you maybe consider yourself not a part of the battle between Yazid and Hussain (as)? “We have lives! We have exams!” Is that the side you take? This needs to be your quarrel too, if you realize that then you will be a part of the victors, and if not you are simply a puppet in the hands of the devil! The devil tells you to perform good deeds, but when? When you must be doing another, greater good deed! When you must pray, he tells you to study., when you must revolt he tells you to pray quietly.


The command of god is of greatest importance

 Nearing the end of his speech, Hojat-al-Islam Shahab Moradi concludes by stating that: “All of the pieces of our city contain color. //{بِنَصْرِ مَنْ نَصَرَهُ إِعْزَازِ مَنْ أَعَزَّه}// God will give you honor when you honor his command. When it is time for prayer, recite the call to prayer by your house doors. Kiss the doors of the entrance to the gatherings for Imam Hossein. Then everyone will adore you. God will put love into everyone’s hearts for you. They will respect you. Love is in God’s hands, when you perform good deeds, god will put your love as a believer in other’s hearts.

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