Spend for your faith

Hojataleslam Shahab Moradi:

Spend for your faith

He also said:

One kind of war is to seize the gun, sword in hand and attack or defense shield in hand. Now, thanks to the grace of God and the Blessing blood of martyrs, we don’t have this war. Now I don’t want to speak about this. I want to say about war by money.

Strive with your money  

Strive by money is a permanent issue. Spend for your faith. Others work by their money to receive to their aim.

Your enemies, especially in the last ten years afforded very much. For example Baha'i or Evangelical groups which tent by the  money of Israel and America in Turkey and some countries of northern Iran, and then found groups and spend money for them to make them Christ. They were poor people and more aimed at the people who have mental disorders. And gives them a good feeling that others care about them, even according with hate. Those looking for corruption, even corruption of opinion or immorality, spend. A person who wants to create a parliament corruption spends. This need high risk and money but they will spend and stay for their corruption.

Home mourning is a channel of cultural communication

Hojjatolislam  Moradi also explained: Another group are the ones who set up the meeting Imam Hussein and pay for it. What are you doing? Intellectuals who oppose by establishment of this meeting have a calculated act. They want to remove home mourning. Home mourning is a relationship between religious school and artery in city. I’m not disagree by big mourning but I’m sure home mourning is more worth full. Home mourning is a capillary which deliver oxygen to cells. Who set up home mourning want to make Cultural relationship with the mass of society and the corners of their lives.

Spend for your opinion

Hojjatolislam  Moradi said Spend for your opinion, Encourage your teenagers especially. You're all rich, not poo. It is a law of God. The person who made the claim of being poor, will be poor. God says I have lent him but he act like beggars and neglects my benevolence. In narrative said; Curmudgeon is a person who not use his money and put it for their children. Heirs doesn’t do anything. I'm not saying not savings for kids, but if you're worried about your children, your trust is low. If you become worry about him god say: manage yourself. In Aboohamzeh prime come: ((if you response me a moment to myself, I‘ll be destroying)). Spend your wealth in his stead. Every soul that goes up and down owns us to Mehdi (a).

Open your eyes

Afraid become minority, reach to Shia generation and if you want to stay Shia spend for it, make religious school, and see where Shia doesn’t have foothold. We were like men who do not look further than his nose, In fact, do not look to the next 50 years, all other countries to look at 200 to 300 years. What should we do when oil is finish? Open your eyes. If in the past some factory was famous in the world, nowadays the other companies are the world economic power and none of them weren’t dependent on oil and mineral resources. We must turn the economy better. I say to you, if you want to improve your religion, invest on them.

Want everything from Imam Hossain (A)

He also added: Imam Hossain bought all of the Karbala’s area and then said :(( I devotion here for my pilgrim.)) So want everything from Imam Hossain (A). Spend for your faith. In winter pruning branches. If the branches do not touch that tree does not grow. You should lose some money, you yourself quickly start to prune, otherwise hit the tree.

Moradi at the final part of his lecture pointed to  The different insurance between Abolfazl insurance and other insurance and said: Different between other insurance and Abolfazl insurance is that other insurance they  tells you how much damage in  accident to pay it ,but Abolfazl insurance doesn’t let you to have an accident.

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