Flag of Emam Hussain in the North Pole

Hojat-al-Islam Mohammad Reza Zaeri:

Flag of Emam Hussain in the North Pole

 Dr. Zaeri at the beginning of his speech said:" Spiritual use of these nights (Moharam nights) is for everyone. It's said that every two people sitting and talking about Ahle Bate, retelling their stories, the third person is an angle begging forgiveness for them. We gather here to improve ourselves while we are here. Allah says:" if you are grateful, I improve you."A person who is grateful, his/her capability to receive is augmented. We are now sitting in Seyed Al Shohada teaching class to learn his delicate points and all of us can benefit from his points based on our threshold."

The preacher of Emam Hussain continued: "because we were not in Mecca or Medina at the Prophet, Emam Ali (A) and Emam Sajjad(A) time to offer them our condolence, we attend Emam Hussain mouring with intention to send them our condolence. On judgment day, in your deeds' letters is written you have offered your condolence to the Prophet, Emam Ali (A), and Emam Mahdi(A).

Ubiquitously universal Emam Hussain is introduction of comming Emam Mahdi  

Dr. Mohammad Reza Zaeri continued: "The introduction of Emam Mahdi's (A) global invitation is when Emam Hussain has become universally renowned; This is claimed because the day when Emam Mahdi (A) stands next to the Kaaba, says:" All people around the world my ancestor was Emam Hussain (A)." based on these words it is clear that when Emam Mahdi (A) wants to introduce himself, all the world knows emam Hussain (A). So, it is expected that Emam Mahdi (A) comes and says my ancestor was Emam Hussain mouring is held. I want to tell you a real story. Once an Iraqi student said: "because of my doctoral thesis on minority of Iraqi migrants in Canada, I got familiar with chairman of health office in the North Pole. He was so special. He hung a black flag written on it "Assalam o Alayk ya Aba Abdellah" out of his igloo. Inside his igloo there was a piece of black wood written on it "Ya Aba Abdellah". I suddenly remembered it was Moharram. I asked him: "What is going on here?" He answered: "I lost all my family members in Iraq and since I was not able to do anything I immigrated to Canada and I was sent to the North Pole afterward. Here a girl who is a nurse got muslim and then we got married. Now at Moharram's nights I retell Emam Hussain mouring and my wife and her mother who are both Inuits utter quietly "Ya Hussain" and shed tears.

Do Not Clean Your Tears with Every Handkerchief

Our cultural activist added: "Don't ever discredit mouner of Emam Hussain and respect them as much as possible. Don't forget whatever he was outside of mouring now is ended and he is now sympathizing with Hazrat Zahra (S.A) and right now is a pilgrim of Emam Hussain. Wherever Emam Hussian mouring is held is a garden of heaven's gardens." He continued: "Be cognizant that Hazrat Zahra (S.A) pledged and said: "I have talked to Allah and vowed I will not enter heaven unless I take hands of all people who have cried for my son, Hussain, and bring them to heaven," It's said that Hazrat Zahra (S.A) would look at lines on judgment day and a voice would tell her that Ya Fatemeh look and choose whoever you want and take them yourself. It's asked how such thing might be possible that Hazrat Zahra (S.A) recognize her son's mouners. The answer is tears that people shed on this world turn to light on judgment day. Therefore, some people with profound insight claim try not to clean your tears throughout your face. The face which is covered by tears for Aba Abdellah will never get lost. Consequently, It's recommended to appreciate your tears and crying. Here the point is not something personal, it is about something completely real and based on pure and true belief.

The Origin Of the Religious Zeal is Responsibility

In Ashouraiyan zeal he said: "zeal originates from sense of responsibility and commitment. If we are responsible for something, we show reaction. The most important difference between muslim and non-muslim is sense of responsibility and commitment. Religious and muslim person always holds his/her responsibility for their deeds. Since a muslim can distinguish between good and bad, they hold themselves accountable and feel that they have a mission in their lives. They feel since they were born some equipments have been given to them and what have been given. They know that they are provided with numerous blessings like time, life, health, eyes, ears, hands, IQ, money, talent, ... and they are responsible for all of these.

Penetration into Enemies Can Not Be Realized Through Taking a Nap!!!

Nothing in the world will remain except through a lot of efforts. As Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Nothing can be gained by being lazy. No matter what is aimed, a lot of attempt are required to achieve that, whether something in this world or in another world." Mr. Motahari had an amazing interpretation, he said: "these two words, greatness and magnanimity, are different. Don't think Hitler and Napoleon were not great but they were not magnanimous and who has conquered the world made a lot of efforts and stayed awake many nights and bore starvation." It's not like we think, for achieving a high goal, you must make countless attempts.

We Must Smell Mouring of Emam Hussain

Dr. Zaeri reminded: "A man who had revelation about the scene of after death said: 'I was asked: What do you bring and what do you have? And I answered: I prayed and fasted and they responded: We don't see any pray or fast. We need to see them.' They meant real effects of pray and fast in life. If we attend mourning of Emam Hussain, we must smell mouring of Emam Hussain afterward. If I go home and shout at my mother or have a bad argument with my wife or sell fake things, I never smell mouring."

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