The universe is like porce of gravity

Hojat-al-Islam Mohammad Reza Zaeri:

The universe is like porce of gravity

Donation, Showing Concern toward others

Dr. Zaeri at 7th night said, "One of the most important ways to attract Allah's mercy and eliminate hardships is to donate money and try to solve other people's problems. Many problems are caused by neglecting the two issues.

It's said that one day the prophet and his Companions were sitting when a Jewish person insulted the prophet, some Companions wanted to fight him.

But the prophet said, leave him alone and let him go. It is his last day of life. But he didn't die on that day, Companions asked, why he didn't die, and what happened?' the jewish man answered,' when I went to desert to collect firewood, on my way, I saw a poor man and I gave him half of a loaf of bread.' The Prophet said, 'That piece of bread saved you. 'The Ashouraiyan lecturer said, "Donation is a way to show your Concern toward others. The religion has come to tell us, 'Just Don’t think about yourself, being religious, muslim, theist is this. A lot of hardships that we face is just because of neglecting this topic. Mr. Ghazi said all his like abstract in one sentence, 'Don't break somebody's heart. 'If you pray the best, donate the most, mourn the best but you break somebody's heart, all of them will be destroyed. If you break your mother's heart all your mourning is gone.

Invisible threads of our behavior in this world

Dr. Zaeri Continued, "This world is a place of affecting and getting affected. Like electricity and radio waves, which are not seen but exist. We can't see invisible threuds of our behavior and we are not aware of results of our behavior. Allah is just waiting for on alibi to forgive us. It's said that there was a prostitute among Israelites. One day while she was passing by a well, she saw a thirsty dog, she used her shoe to get water from the well. It's said that she was forgiven because of her act.

The Rule of Allah is always consistent

Allah is seeking a moment that a person sympathize with a hungry or thirsty man, a wronged person, sigh of a sad mother or loneliness of an old father.

If you sympathize, God will forgive you, this a fixed rule of God like force of gravity."

This cultural activist added, "God's rules are consistent. For example, if you pity your parents, you will live longer. Another rule, if you feel sorry for somebody, God will feel sorry for you. If you are kind to someone, God will be kind to you. These are basic rules of creation."

Regarding the importance of donation he said, "The amount of donation is not important, the important thing is at the moment a person is not just caring and thinking about himself and knows some amount of his money must be donated and given to the poor."

Everything passed like lightning

The lecturer continued, "On judgment day. People say our lives passed like lightning, it's like we just lived for one or two hours. But sadly, people kill each other irritate each other for such a short time. Honestly, how much does this life cost? At the end everyone has to go, why don’t we die as a good person. Let me tell you a story, during war, one mother did not let his son go to war, two days later her son was killed in an accident the mother wailed and said, 'I wished I had let him go.

He was supposed to die, I should have allowed him to be killed and martyred for God. 'Your money must be spent, if you don't give your money to the poor.

You have to give it to a doctor! If someone has a deep faith, he sees hell and heaven all the time and never does something wrong.

Nothing gets lost in this universe

At the end he said, "If your husband is seyed, and you give him water, say, 'my God I was not at the Prophet time and now I service his son.

If your intention is servicing the Prophet, is another world in your deeds letter will be written, she has serviced the Prophet.

And if your wife is seyed, service her with intention of servicing Hazrat Zahra, in another world, in your deeds letter will be written, he has serviced Hazrat Zahra (SA). Everything in this universe will finally get to yourself again. If you smile, you will see it. If you shout, you will see it. If you commit a sin, you will see your sin and your sin will ruin your like. If you commit a sin, you are doing a terrible thing to yourself not others." 

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